Today on National Nurses Day, I look back from the beginning of my career to where it is today. My dream of becoming a nurse became a reality nearly 24 years ago. My nursing roles have changed over the years, but once a nurse always a nurse. I’m saddened our profession is in turmoil and […]


May 7, 2022

Nurses Day 2022

I’ve been a nurse for nearly 24 years. Over a year ago, I had a HUGE shift. In my years of traditional nursing roles, I felt that patients were sicker than ever, despite the fact our country had so many resources, funding, well trained physicians, and accessibility. Then our three letter agencies continued to provide […]


March 29, 2022

Nurse For Freedom

We have a “treating nurses well shortage” that is now worse than ever. We have a “safe patient ratio” shortage We have a “paying staff nurses appropriately” shortage We have a LEADERSHIP shortage in nursing, the hospitals, and all over in the business we call healthcare. We have LOTS of management, but what we need […]


February 21, 2022

More Nurses Are Walking Away From the Bedside

Have you found yourself questioning if you want to stay in nursing? You’re not alone! After the past year and a half, more and more nurses are burned out at the bedside or looking for an alternative to traditional nursing roles. My desire to help others is the reason why I became a nurse. My […]


September 30, 2021

I Don’t Want To Be A Nurse Anymore, And An Alternative Away From The Bedside!