Yes, Nurses can work from home!

I'm here to help nurses start their search to find alternatives at home and away from the bedside.

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Working at home means dropping the commute and more flexibility and time with family!

Find other options to fulfill your purpose as a nurse, help others, and earn additional money online.

Tired of the long hours, stress, and exhaustion at the bedside?

Looking for more time with those you love and drop the long commute and those weekends, holidays, and nights?

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Click below to get answers to frequent questions on getting started, where and what to search, and the most common roles for work at home nurse jobs.

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Update Your Resume

Work at home nursing roles are more competitive than ever! I highly recommend updating your resume and adjusting for each role you apply for. The testimonials for Resume Rx are wonderful and why I recommend their services to my fellow nurses.


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Have you been looking for an additional income stream you can work online and around your full time job? Do you have a desire to fulfill your purpose as a nurse by making an impact and helping others with their health and wellness?

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Resume need an update?

Working from home as a nurse is highly competitive now more than ever. I highly recommend getting your resume updated so you have it ready to apply.


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Say goodbye to burnout at the bedside and hello to finding that nursing role at home. 

What would it be like to no longer work nights, weekends, and holidays? Working from home  is still work and comes with its own set of challenges, but not the same as the bedside and even work in your pjs!

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