5 Side Gigs Nurses Can Bank On

To say that nursing is a hard profession is a gross understatement. Just ask our aching feet & backs, our bursting bladders, our tired hearts & minds. Add to that the cloud of student loans lurking over our heads & we’ve got the perfect pressure storm looming on the horizonContinue Reading

The Best Online Business For Nurses - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not only one of the oldest, purest forms of marketing, it is by far the best online business for nurses. As nurses, we are a walking, talking, working encyclopedia of medical knowledge, which is precisely what millions of people all over the world head straight to theContinue Reading

I’ve had the pleasure of providing nursing care in pediatrics, school nursing, mental health, home health, addiction recovery, and correctional facilities; in all of which I found passion & purpose. However, after just 6 years I began seeing my own mental & physical health suffer. It didn’t take long toContinue Reading