The Best Online Business For Nurses - Affiliate Marketing

The Best Online Business For Nurses – Affiliate Marketing

The Best Online Business For Nurses - Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is not only one of the oldest, purest forms of marketing, it is by far the best online business for nurses. As nurses, we are a walking, talking, working encyclopedia of medical knowledge, which is precisely what millions of people all over the world head straight to the internet to look up when they have a question or concern.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Think of it as a ‘refer-a-friend’ rewards program where a company or seller pays you every time somebody buys from them & gives your name. You earn a fee, or “commission” for each sale, which can be anywhere from just $1 to a whopping $10,000. There are a plethora of affiliate networks, companies & independent sellers that offer affiliate commissions to marketers with a website, traffic, & relevant content that can serve as a good platform for connecting buyers with their products.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

When you become an affiliate with a company/seller, you get an “affiliate link,” to share. You can share that link on social media, within articles & website content. When someone clicks on your link & makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing can allow you to be the one on the other end of hundreds…or even thousands of searches each day, 24 hours a day, as the credible source of authority with the answer to someone’s questions, the products that will solve their problem, or better yet, both. Best of all, this can be done strategically, while you work your day job, spend time with your family, or vacation.

The Right Way – Be The Bait; Not The Fisherman

Dreaming of those commissions is enough to make a lot of people salivate, but most people never achieve real success with affiliate marketing, including passive, residual income, because they go at it wrong from the start.

People often waste time, energy, & motivation desperately fishing – i.e. posting & recruiting in facebook groups, on twitter & instagram, making business cards, paying for ads, soliciting friends & family, & chasing down leads. This tactic will never get you beyond the cycle of hustle & chase to generate a sale.

The truth is, you could be generating income without having to do any of those things. You can have a profitable affiliate marketing business without ever having to directly advertise or share a product or website with anyone & you don’t have to spend time posting links, sending emails, or finding people to promote your business to.


How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off

Watch out for the “experts” & “gurus” with out-of-the-box & done-for-you “programs” & “selling systems.” While a portion of these people are legit, it’s impossible to know how many of them are promoting “secret formulas,” expensive “coaching seminars” & “marketing systems” that are simply preying on anyone with a credit card, big dreams, & the willingness to take a risk without delivering anything other than a dent in their bank account. And the story usually goes that by the time you figure out you’ve been duped, it’s too late.

Predatory marketing gurus dangle the carrot of immediate, monumental results (ex: earn $5k – $10k within your first two weeks) without requiring any knowledge or work on your part, in exchange for a fee. It can be VERY alluring. I mean, who wouldn’t be tempted at the thought of owning a 6 or 7-figure business by next week without having to do anything other than slap a few hundred (or thousand) dollars on the table? What’s $500 when you will have $5000 by next Thursday AND be an overnight online coach & expert?

Baseless promises can have you doing wishful math with imaginary numbers, & before you know it, you’ve justified handing over your next paycheck or half of your savings account to a “coach” on the internet promising to make YOU a 6-figure coach & expert at something you know nothing about. My best advice: Buyer beware.

Everyday people get robbed of their valuable time & hard-earned money because they believed in themselves, but took a chance on an expert LIAR.

A lot of people get burned before they ever encounter the truth & never know just how possible it is to succeed at affiliate marketing. And because of that one experience,the term “affiliate marketing” becomes a big red flag, synonymous for SCAM & it makes people second guess the legitimacy & integrity of those of us who are actual affiliate marketers & earn an honest living doing this.


The Proven Method – The Trick to Working Smarter, Not Harder

There are millions of people already actively searching the internet each & every day for credible information, answers to questions, solutions to a problem, honest reviews, & businesses, products & services. There is a proven method that you can use to place your voice – your article, website, blog, or video right in front of hundreds or thousands of people out there searching, each day, drawing them in & generating sales for you, day & night.

Believe it or not, this proven method is public knowledge. The training is free & open to anyone willing to take the time to learn it & apply it. And you can do it at your own pace, on your own time. The problem is, the internet is so flooded with misleading information about affiliate marketing that it’s hard for people to filter out the truth from the scams, & people often overlook this free training because it does require some actual effort – to learn the strategic methods, how & why they work, & how to implement them effectively. Those who desire the easiest route without any effort or knowledge of their own will continue to be at risk for getting duped.


Seek Knowledge. Apply It. Evaluate Results. Repeat.

Any responsible person with a true entrepreneurial mindset & the desire to develop a legitimate business will not only want, but absolutely require a thorough knowledge of how their business operates, how affiliate marketing works, how their money is earned, & how to succeed in the most efficient way possible. A true entrepreneur will not want something handed to them, fully done, for a price – with no understanding of how it works, the lessons of trial & error in building it, or how to improve upon it for long-term success. A true entrepreneur will say, “Show me & I will put in the work & see for myself.” 

Keep It Simple & Stick to What Works. Period.

 Affiliate marketing is not super-secret computer rocket-science.

Often times, people come to the table really intimidated at what they think affiliate marketing is. I would compare it to the experience of someone who grew up thinking they were “bad at math” only to find some of those really cool math tricks & cheat videos on Youtube while trying to help their kid do their math homework. (That actually happened to me.)  And then – BOOM! Mind blown. Suddenly, the universe opens up with possibilities you could not have even fathomed, & the floodgates open for anyone who is willing to take a dip.

Grandmas & Grandpas, college students, business professionals, Moms, Dads, & likely even some of your neighbors are out here rocking this business, each in their own distinct way. There is room for anyone with virtually any idea to grab a piece of the affiliate marketing pie. All it takes is a bit of discipline & belief in yourself – watching, learning, trying & applying.

What it doesn’t require – up front money, coaching fees, technical computer skills, product inventory, a brand, a social media following, or anything else that you could possibly get “stuck” on or use as an excuse to not succeed.


Expected Outcomes for Nurses

Here is what we hope to accomplish by bringing this information to you:

  1. To pull back the curtain & show you what affiliate marketing actually entails.
  2. To demonstrate to you how to enter affiliate marketing the free way, without risk, & while receiving guidance & expertise from a pro with over 15 years of success.
  3. To show you how to use your nursing knowledge & expertise as a lucrative niche to drive an income that can replace or even multiply your nursing salary.


N.A.C.A. – The 5 Step NURSING PROCESS for affiliate marketing

  1. N =Choose your topic, aka nicheThis is where your nursing knowledge is going to serve you well. Disease processes, illnesses, injuries & treatments, medical terminology, biology, nutrition & diets for special health conditions, pregnancy & complications, mental health, medications, death, & more. As a nurse, you have a wealth of insight into topics that people go straight to the web to find information & resources on.
  2. A = Affiliate – Choose the businesses, brands, companies, & products to include in your content & promote.
  3. C = Create content – A simple landing page, website or blog can be built in minutes & you don’t have to be tech-savvy or have a the best writing skills.
  4. A = Attract traffic – Note: it says, ‘attract’ and not ‘go get.’ There is a free way to generate traffic that you can start using with a little insight & knowledge that takes only a few minutes to learn.

Step #5 – The final step, of course is getting paid. You will have access to free training that will allow you to build your website & learn how to start filling it with content in a matter of minutes. You’ll learn to easily fill your website with consistent, valuable content that strategically drives traffic to your affiliate links, earning you commissions! In addition, your commissions can come in the form of a one-time fee or a recurring fee – for subscriptions or memberships. It is possible to generate monthly, residual income, depending on what types of products or subscriptions you promote.

When you are ready to begin your journey as a nurse entrepreneur & affiliate marketer, there is a community here to cheer you on, empower you, & guide you through the process.


Step 1 – Study, Don’t Spend!

My first advice to anyone who is starting out is – RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH and DO NOT BUY any secrets, coaching, systems, or memberships. Once you have gotten into the swing of things & you feel comfortable with your knowledge, progress, & ability to implement what you’ve learned, if you decide to make an educated investment in a verified product or coach with high ratings & reviews, then by all means, make that smart investment.

But in this beginning stage, please take my advice when I say, from personal experience – don’t pay anyone for anything – period.

I made several attempts at affiliate marketing over the years, losing some money & wasting a lot of time. Fortunately, this time, I struck gold & landed in a community of successful, like-minded entrepreneurs who are generous with their knowledge & support, sharing what has worked for them as well as their own pit falls & mistakes to help save me valuable time & effort.

All of the training, support, & tools needed to learn, apply & succeed at affiliate marketing are at your fingertips in one place, called Wealthy Affiliate. Best of all, it operates on my #1 advice – try before you buy.


Why Learn With Wealthy Affiliate?

The best advice I ever received was to surround myself with people who are already achieving what I am striving for. This is exactly what happened the moment I stepped into the Wealthy Affiliate community as a free member.

  • You can log in & immediately become a student of successful affiliate marketers.
  • You do not put in a credit card. Your information safe, without risk of being fraudulently or unexpectedly charged.
  • You can log on, start your lessons, have your own affiliate coach, niche, live website (with hosting), & a growing network of successful mentors within just a few hours – all absolutely free.
  • Learn at your own pace, stop/start a lesson when it’s convenient for you – no need to attend webinars.
  • Build your business & see real progress on the free starter membership. And then, if you want the added features to expand your business, you can purchase a premium membership, at just $19 – $49 per month.
  • You can also become an affiliate, earning commissions by sharing your own experience & success with others.
  • The ability to create your own paid training courses & become a leader & affiliate marketing expert.


Your Welcome Wagon Awaits.

If you’re ready to have your mind blown & learn real affiliate marketing the free way, then CLICK HERE to join us & start your Wealthy Affiliate training now – it’s free.

If you have any questions, I am here to help. I welcome your feedback. Feel free to comment below or contact me.

– Nurse Angela

The Work At Home Nurse


  1. Hi, Angela. I enjoyed your article. Nurses are without a doubt my favorite people. Unfortunately, I have spent a lot of time in hospitals, and I really appreciate how hard nurses work. Affiliate marketing does indeed seem to be a way for them to make some good money and ease their work load. But it probably won’t happen. They would probably take the money and buy a hospital and work twice as hard. Thank you for your service.

    1. Author

      Thank you! Wow. I hope you have received the best of care, as everyone deserves when they are in need. I appreciate your kindness.

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