There is a way for busy nurse moms to work at home ...


...and no longer work at the bedside or miss time with with family working nights, holidays, and weekends.

Would you like to know about working from home as a nurse

What if it's ALL POSSIBLE...what would you do differently?

Looking for more flexibility and time at home?

How would it feel to no longer commute or deal with the long hours at the bedside? 

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

Since becoming a mom, you've found your nursing role is not working around your family life

- As soon as starting a family, you've felt torn on how to help pay the bills but still spend precious time with your family

You don't even know if you want to stay in nursing 

Maybe you've never heard about work at home nursing jobs....

-I felt the same way with so many more responsibilities added to my plate as a mom

-Where do you even start?

I began applying for job after job over 8 years ago. I didn't know what roles existed or where to even look or how to begin!
I received rejection letter after rejection letter or sometimes no response at all.
But hard work and persistence paid off and I was contacted for an interview. I then landed my first and only work at home nursing job over 7 years ago!

I was there too and wish I had known years ago what I know now...

Since that time, I've been contacted by other nurse moms looking to do the same, often with many of the same questions.
Since then, I decided to create this quick Beginner's Course to help you get started in your search!

The good news is work at home nurse jobs really exist!

Answering common questions and how to get started in your search and what to search for.
Many of you want to find out more about this option, but your time is limited and knowing where to start is overwhelming.

I’ll help you by:

I spent hours upon hours not knowing what I was doing or where to look. I applied to roles over and over without knowing what I was doing.


It's not that you're not trying to find these roles, but your time is limited and knowing where to start and searching all over is overwhelming.


A quick step-by-step guide that...
Answers the most commonly asked questions
How to get started in your search
Search tips
Some of the most common roles available and what they are

I'm ready to get started!

Nurse moms who want to drop the commute, the long hours at the bedside, and have more flexibility and time at home.

The Work at Home Nurse Jobs Beginner's Course

In this Work at Home Nurse Jobs Beginner's Course you will learn.....

A quick step-by-step guide that...

Answers the most commonly asked questions

Where to get started in your search

Search tips

Common work at home nurse jobs

Take that first step in learning how to start your search to go from the bedside to work at home as a nurse!

Find work at home roles with more flexibility, drop the commute, leave the burnout at the bedside, and have more time with those you love

Video Training


Get my bonus today...

25 Companies that Hire Work at Home Nurses

You'll get my list I've put together just for you, of 25 companies that regularly hire work at home nurses. You can take action right away and know where to look and start applying right away!



One Payment. No Recurring Charges. Lifetime Access.

You devote just a bit of time to watch this course and take some notes! 

The Work at Home Nurse Jobs Beginner's Guide is right for you if...

You find yourself wondering if you could ever work from home as nurse, but just didn't know where to start.

You have felt overwhelmed in trying to search on your own and didn't know where to look.

You want to know what is available for work at home nurse jobs.

If you're willing to put the resources I provide you to work and take action!

Q: How long is this course?

A: The course is less than 20 minutes


Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: There is a 14 day money back guarantee. You can’t lose!

Q: Who teaches the course?

A: I provide all of the information to you in this course!

Q: How do I access the course?

A: Once you enroll, you have access right away to your course.

No questions asked 100% money back guarantee within 14 days. Simply email me with your honest feedback and a request for a refund if you don’t find the workshop insightful, helpful or valuable. I want you to be totally satisfied.

If You're Not 100% Satisfied...
Neither Am I

Hi, I'm Heather Willems

My goal is to help you not feel stuck where you are!
Having a family changes everything and working full time as a nurse is physically and mentally demanding. Maybe you've had more than your fair share of anxiety and tears before each shift and know you need a change.

Working at home is still a job and while no job is perfect and comes with its own unique challenges, working at home can still be the stepping stone you have been looking for! No more long commute, you can work in your pjs, and the demands of your time no longer involve the same stress that comes with the bedside.
I'm honored as a fellow nurse to help you get started!

No more commute. No more nights, holidays, weekends, call, or missing special occasions.
No more long hours and physically demanding work at the bedside.
Instead, more flexibility and time at home with those you love the most.

Don't wait! Imagine what life might be like if you worked at home!


YES, I'm ready!

One Payment. No Recurring Charges. Lifetime Access.