My Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 - Free Affiliate Marketing Training Online Course

My Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019: The Free Affiliate Marketing Online Course

As someone who finds “dabbling” in website design & content writing fun, it was always a far-off dream of mine to find a legitimate way to earn a living as a “blogger” or “affiliate marketer.” The problem was, I spent years running into scams, “systems,” & otherwise time & money-wasting promises on the path toward my goal. I knew the answer was out there, but I was pulling out my hair, trying to filter through the click bait & ton of people grabbing at my credit card to find it.


Feeling Like Affiliate Marketing is a SCAM?

I gave up searching for quite some time, working my day job as a nurse & raising my kids. But that little glimmer of home kept stirring in the back of my mind, whispering, “This could be so much easier! There’s GOT to be a way.” Unfortunately, it seemed like everything I could find was an affiliate marketing scam, asking for up front money & making empty promises.

I knew there was a way to build the kind of work from home life that I needed, & I had the feeling that if I just kept digging without investing, it would only be a matter of time before I found the one thing that was legit, that didn’t come with a sketchy sales pitch.

I was dead set on finding a way to use my nursing knowledge & my creativity to make money online without selling. There was something out there that would prove itself to me without requiring an investment, & I was bound & determined to find that thing.

In early 2019, I struck gold. It was the last time I ever signed up for anything. Period.


You Can Learn Online Marketing For Free

2019 ultimately marked the first time that I had ever taken a chance on something “free” that turned out to be just that – free. No catch, no conditions, & no risk. And not only that, but free AND legitimately & hugely beneficial in propelling me toward my goal. I took a chance & signed up for the Wealthy Affiliate starter membership for its free online training, & it was by far the best decision I’ve ever made.

This is my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate:


My Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019: The Free Affiliate Marketing Online Course

I entered the Wealthy Affiliate community without a credit card, & that is actually the #1 reason I decided pause my search for the next big thing & take a chance on Wealthy Affiliate’s training courses.

My ultimate goal was to gain the knowledge that no other “marketing system,” “coach,” or other website had offered me. I decided to take the free Wealthy Affiliate training course to try to find out how to make online success happen for me. I was still trying to find out the secret behind all of the success stories I read about. I thought there must be a secret community or secret method all of these people are using that the rest of us do not know.

I wrote down all of the things I specifically wanted to find out:

  • how affiliate marketing works
  • how to set up a website
  • how to find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing
  • how to write good content for a website
  • how to monetize my website

I wanted, once & for all, the proven ways to earn an income online. Surprisingly, that is exactly what the course pledged to teach me, even on Wealthy Affiliate’s free starter membership.

Just 6 days in, having spent no money, I gave the Wealthy Affiliate free starter membership an A+ rating. This platform & the courses are absolutely remarkable & demonstrate this community’s incredible value quickly & without holding back any detail. The founders & developers absolutely nailed the content & the timing.

The value of the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership was demonstrated to me many times over during my time as a free starter member, through not only the tools & online training I received, but through the wealth of knowledge, experience & support of the community members I was able to network with, some with over 15 years of experience & multiple proven successful online businesses currently on the market. The option to upgrade to the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership at that time simply felt like the natural thing to do.

Exactly what did I accomplish in my 6 days on the Wealthy Affiliate free starter membership?

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019


  • Set-up my account profile at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Interacted with others marketers and aspiring marketers via live chat
  • Learned how to make money online without investing
  • Set realistic short and long term “make money” goals
  • Chose my niche from scratch
  • Named and built my very OWN website for free using SiteRubix
  • Set-up my website in a way that is geared for long-term success
  • Activated my website plugins
  • Learned how to set-up plugins that maximize my website’s efficiency
  • Optimized my website for search engines (Google, Yahoo, & Bing)
  • Created my very first page of content on my website
  • Created many relationships with others at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Received timely, knowledgeable help & feedback when I needed it
  • Learned the process of keyword research
  • Found a bunch of awesome, low competition keywords with Jaaxy
  • Properly set-up my website navigation
  • Learned too many other powerful tips & gems of marketing wisdom to list here that are already leading me to SUCCESS


I’m happy to report that as a fully-fledged Wealthy Affiliate Premium member, I now have two websites that are successfully utilizing the tools & the methods I learned during my free starter membership. And I have the ability to build & launch many more on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. In addition, I am able to offer my knowledge & skills as a freelancer in exchange for a fee. So I finally do get to “dabble” in website design, content writing, & marketing, earning extra income doing fun, interesting things that I enjoy.


One of the best pieces of advice I ever received is to surround yourself with people who are already where you want to be. At Wealthy Affiliate, when you step on board as a free starter member, you do exactly that. I was astounded by just how much knowledge & wisdom is shared between the members of this community – great tips & tricks of the trade as well as cautionary tales to help others learn from their own mistakes – preventing others from things that waste their valuable time & effort. I like that it’s a community & not a place of competitiveness. You are expected to take what you learn in the courses & apply it, but you can also always reach out in the live chat & discussion forums to communicate with real people – both experienced & already successful, and new or in various stages of success. There’s a sense that we are all in this to learn, grow, & succeed, & there’s more than enough internet pie out there for anyone & everyone who desires to learn & earn a living this way.

I hope that this review has been helpful & informative.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below & feel free to follow me & join my network here. If you decide to give Wealthy Affiliate a try, I’m here to support you, along with thousands of other members. Here’s to your success!


How to Make Money Online Without Investing



  1. I think that the one of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that you have everything you need to set up a website with the free membership, so that you have a good chance to see what it’s all about before you spend money on it. The WA community is also a big plus, and it’s a much more active community than a lot of others. If you have a question at any time, there always seem to be a lot of people around to help. Another good thing about WA is that you can have your website on just about any topic under the sun. There’s a suitable niche for everybody.

    1. Author

      I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been up at 3am before, unable to sleep (no more coffee in the evening for me!) & there were members on, active & helping out. It’s definitely a great community & the possibilities are endless.

  2. I must commend you for taking your time to share this review because you must have done a lot of research. I was introduced to wealthy affiliate sometimes last year and I must tell you that I have really achieve success to an extent and I will still achieve but I’m proud to say that with the help of wealthy affiliate I am financially independent. One of the fascinating thing about the platform is that you can earn while you earn. Wealthy affiliate is my number one recommendation to anyone who wants to venture into online world.

  3. This is great, I also became a WA member and ever since I took that road my life has changed so much. It made me reflect more on myself, “what do I want to do in life”? “How can I help people?” It brought out my passion and I have learned some really useful skills along the way. 

    1. Author

      It really does open up your mind when you can literally choose anything! Poof! *mind blown

  4. Hi

    I like to thank you for  the detailed review of wealthy affiliate, which I found to be very interesting as it is difficult to decide what is genuine and what is a scam. As there are so many get rich quick schemes, it is a breath of fresh air to find a  scheme which is not only genuine but also truthful. 

    It seems that wealthy affiliate is one programme which everybody should look into. 

    Do you think it is the best programme going around?



    1. Author

      Hi Antonio,

      You’re welcome! I have to say, after having unfortunately spent some of my own money & time on a few of the systems & scams out there, I feel so fortunate to have found Wealthy Affiliate. From the top-notch hosting, to the endless amount of training that I can receive on any & every aspect of online business, & most of all, the support of other members who started as beginners, just like everyone else, & spend time helping others achieve the same success. I definitely think it’s the best program. There’s nothing like it.

  5. Hello,

    I was just checking out your post reviewing WA affiliate review post. The review is great.

    You filled the post with all the questions and answers people face when they first see anything about WA. The dream of working from home really hits home for me now. I really relate with that idea of being able to make a living from home and still raise and support our families.

    Everything moves so fast nowadays, this idea of WA gives everyone a chance to put their best foot forward and change their life.

    Thank. Great job.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Coralie! 

  6. Your 2019 review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform was really chock full of information and set up in a way that I had not seen to now. I enjoyed just having the bullet comments and links to the associated pages and information. It works well for people that skim pages as most do these days and gets right to the bottom line quickly.

    There are so many good things to mention about Wealthy Affiliate. I could go on and on about the features, the training, the tools, the community, and how it all works together to provide a complete platform where you can learn as you build your own online business.

    I would like to point out that you can also use the knowledge gained to springboard into other segments of online marketing in addition to affiliate marketing. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate or 4 years now, and since starting have developed e-commerce stores, training courses, membership sites, and other digital products that we sell globally.

    So those who appreciate the way you have set your 2019 review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and check out a few of the links in the bullets will not be disappointed. That site is all it claims to be and more. The owners are extremely active and work hard to provide the best for all members. Thanks for an enjoyable read! If I am ever sick and need a nurse, I want it to be you!

    1. Author

      Thanks, Dave!

      It’s exciting to know so many successful people in this business, & to have you stop by my website to give it a nod! It’s amazing how much can be done with a little creative juice & the amazing training that Weathy Affiliate offfers. I am especially happy to see so many accomplished members like you who provide additional training & support around the clock. Answering questions, making suggestions, & helping people achieve their goals, one step at a time.

  7. Absolutely your review really summed it up for me. Surprisingly, there is something else that really got me excited apart from your really awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate.

    That is the fact that you are a nurse. I too am a health professional. I am a pharmacist. And just reading about you building a business around your profession, tells me that I can do this as well.

    I have so many ideas. And from your helpful review, I feel that the technical aspects will be something that WA does a great job of teaching. I just have to combine that with my years of experience of the profession, and I have a business on my hands.

    I am ready to give the Free starter option a go.

    Thanks for all the help.R

    1. Author

      That’s great, Roopesh.

      I definitely believe that anyone in any field can do this. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time, & the only thing that stood in my way – lack of knowledge in the technical aspects, as you said. The free training got me there. I am still in disbelief that it was this easy. Best of luck to you & I think you will do wonderfully.

  8. I was once a full time worker in a small company where I work 9-5. I got scammed countless times trying for a way to get out of my job. I got to know of wealthy Affiliate from a colleague. Honestly at first, I thought it was a scam but when I got into the starter membership and saw the wealth of knowledge and help in this platform, I was convinced to upgrade to the premium. The platform even gave me unlimited access to communicate with the founders. 

    thank you for sharing this information with the world.

    1. Author

      You’re welcome! Yes, it’s very cool to have the founders there whenever you want to ask a question, or even to just see them there communicating with everyone. They are absolutely accessible & phenomenal.

  9. Hi, Your Wealthy Affiliate review is very informative and useful. When I started looking for online money making possibilities I came across several scams so I think it’s very difficult to get people’s trust nowadays because of the many scammers out there. But Wealthy Affiliate is really the best online possibility offering a lot of good tools and a helpful community. And you get much for free so you can decide if online business is for you or not before you spend any money!!!
    I’ve had 2 difficulties in online business: finding my niche as I have too many interests and generating traffic to my homepage. What tool do you recommend to generate traffic to a website?

    1. Author

      Thanks, Agnes. My #1 pick for generating traffic is a handy little free tool called Jaaxy. It can help with the whole process, including narrowing down your niche, selecting the most powerful keywords to drive that traffic, & more.

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