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About Angela

I’ve had the pleasure of providing nursing care in pediatrics, school nursing, mental health, home health, addiction recovery, and correctional facilities; in all of which I found passion & purpose. However, after years of juggling nursing school, motherhood, & a demanding nursing career, I began seeing my own mental & physical health suffer. It didn’t take long for me to realize that burnout is a very real thing. Nursing is not all about the money, and those off days when you’re not working a 12 to 16 hour shift aren’t really off days at all, but RECOVERY days – and they are absolutely necessary.

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

I laid down my stethoscope, put away my scrubs, & retired from full-time nursing in 2018. With a host of emerging health problems & a life out of balance, it was a tough choice, but the right one for me & my family.

Looking for a way to stay in nursing, but work remotely (from home), I discovered affiliate marketing. That’s when I decided to fuse my passion for writing & my nursing knowledge with a blog.

I now enjoy working from home as a freelance writer, editor, & web developer.

Here’s how I achieved my dream [read more].

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