Who is...The Work at Home Nurse

As you can tell from my greeting, I’m a Southern Belle, born in Alabama and raised in Newnan, Ga., a few miles south of Atlanta.

I have to admit my Southern accent is getting rusty, but I’m not surprised since I’ve spent the last 12 years in Wisconsin.My husband and I call Green Bay home. It’s his hometown, and I’ve come to love it as my own.

I’m a mom of two spunky, energetic boys and am a full-time nurse and mother. Juggling life, work and motherhood is a challenge, but the rewards are wonderful.
I love coffee, wine and yoga and admit to binge-watching reality TV shows. I can be funny, cranky and sometimes even gracious.

Hey y'all! I'm Heather.

My desire to help others is the reason I became a nurse. After starting a family of my own, I began my search for other options away from the bedside and started my work at home nurse role over seven years ago.

After answering the same questions, I started the Work at Home Nurse to help more nurse moms who are looking for the same flexibility and more time with their family by working from home.

I questioned everything...

Having two children that close together is not for the faint of heart.

My goal is to help you not feel stuck where you are!

Having a family changes everything and working full time as a nurse is physically and mentally demanding. Maybe you've had more than your fair share of anxiety and tears before each shift and know you need a change.

Working at home is still a job and while no job is perfect and comes with its own unique challenges, working at home can still be the stepping stone you have been looking for!

No more long commute, you can work in your pjs, and the demands of your time no longer involve the same stress that comes with the bedside.
I'm honored as a fellow nurse to help you get started!

I married my husband, Brad, twelve years ago. One year later—almost to the day—I became a mom to our son Michael. Eighteen months later, Andrew joined the family.

Having two children that close together is not for the faint of heart. It was a struggle and at times felt overwhelming. I know many of you can relate. The boys are getting bigger, stronger and happier by the day, and with each year, I’m more conscious of how blessed I am to have two great kids and a supportive, loving husband.

I’m also careful to keep an extra bottle of wine in the fridge.
So far, the plan is working!
Looking forward to helping you in your journey and always in your corner!

"You helped us get these amazing results! I want to tell everyone about you."

My Why...Family

Helping Nurses Get Unstuck

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