5 Side Gigs Nurses Can Bank On

5 Side Gigs Nurses Can Bank On

To say that nursing is a hard profession is a gross understatement. Just ask our aching feet & backs, our bursting bladders, our tired hearts & minds. Add to that the cloud of student loans lurking over our heads & we’ve got the perfect pressure storm looming on the horizon as we “live out our dreams” of being a nurse, making a difference in people’s lives, & earning a livable wage. Sometimes we get stuck in a job we end up hating because it pays great or has the best benefits, but the hours are the worst, or it’s dangerously short-staffed.

Are you feeling stuck? There’s good news for you creative, resourceful, nurses out there. You, too, can join the ranks of plenty of college students, grandparents, stay-at-home parents, seasonal workers, & seriously successful entrepreneurs & get your side gig on. Here are 10 side gigs nurses can bank on.

1) Provide Respite Care – Care giving with medical expertise

5 Side Gigs Nurses Can Bank On

Parents of medically-fragile children and people caring for disabled family members need caregivers who are knowledgeable in their loved one’s medical conditions. While you may not be hired as a nurse to provide medical care under a doctor’s orders, there are always countless families needing sitters, caregivers & in-home companions who would rest easy knowing that you have that extra knowledge while their loved one is in your care. Home care agencies regularly hire nurses part-time or as-needed to fill in as sitters & companions.



2) Create Nursing & Medical-Related Tutorials

5 Side Gigs Nurses Can Bank On

Create tutorial videos educating the general public or nurses on topics of your knowledge. Providing keyword-rich content will allow you to monetize them.

  • Instructional articles or video tutorials certain durable medical equipment
  • Review products related to & beneficial for aiding people with a specific medical condition
  • Provide safety tutorials
  • Provide educational articles & videos for nursing students.

I highly recommend the Tubebuddy to help you optimize your videos, get more views, & really turn your Youtube account into a source of revenue. It’s free to sign up & there are so many capabilities. It opens up a world of possibility.

5 Side Gigs Nurses Can Bank On



3) Create & Sell Nursing-Related Products

Are you crafty? If so, a cricut is an excellent investment that opens up a whole world of insane creative possibilities. Here are just a few of the things you can do/create with a cricut machine. 

  • Vinyl wall/car/window decals
  • iron-on patches
  • iron-on t-shirt designs
  • iron-on designs for nursing bags
  • tumbler decals
  • badge reel decals
  • vinyl, fabric, or paper cut-outs in nursing shapes

You can also use sites like Shopify or Printify, along with a drop ship company & search out nursing-related products to start your own online store. The great part is you don’t have to keep an inventory. When someone purchases a product, it automatically ships & you get a portion of the sale.



4) Write & Publish Nursing-related E-books

Amazon makes this easy. You can publish your ebook for free on Amazon with Kindle Direct Publishing. You can sell your books for profit or use them as a valuable give-away in exchange for subscriptions to your email list – a great way to grow an audience that you can nurture with valuable content & entice with a future sale.


5) Blog & Monetize Your Nursing School or Nursing Specialty Experience

Somewhere along the way, you may have been gifted with some REALLY helpful tips & tricks to memorize & learn the volumes of nursing knowledge you have stored up in that amazing brain of yours. Maybe you were the head of your class & have really great tutoring skills. Or maybe you went back to school at the age of 43 & want to help other students who identify with your experience. Well, I’m here to tell you that whatever your experience, you can monetize it as an Amazon affiliate & link to nursing-related products. Here are some possibilities:


There are many blogging platforms out there, but I happen to prefer working with WordPress. The other important thing to know is how to get traffic to your blog the free way. I highly recommend the free training courses offered at Wealthy Affiliate. 

5 Side Gigs Nurses Can Bank On

You can log on without a credit card & take their online courses to learn the building blocks of affiliate marketing, build out your own website or blog in a matter of minutes, & learn search engine optimization (SEO) using keywords to rank higher in search engines like Google, bringing free traffic to your website. And their hosting is out of this world.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to using your wealth of nursing knowledge & experience to create an awesome side gig you can bank on.


Here’s to your nursing entrepreneur success!


  1. What a timely article!  My husband is an RN, has over 20 years experience and he loves to write.  He’s done his share of respite care and hospice.  I have been trying to get him interested in blogging since I began my blog a few months ago.

    He needs to read this.  He doesn’t have to do it with the intent of making money but I think if he is more aware of the potential, he may be more willing to at least give it a try!

    Thank you so  much for sharing this!

  2. Good content you have written. One thing for sure is that this gigs you have pointed out are nurse related so it is very much easy to work on being a nurse. It not only help create an income stream but also keeps you invove in the profession. Being a lover of content and writing, I think managing a blog would be my preference.

    1. Author

      Exactly. My major hope is to provide nurses of all walks of life, but especially those who are burned out or otherwise find themselves on leave or even disabled with multiple ways to use their knowledge & experience to earn the income they deserve.

  3. Taking care of sick ones can be challenging, it requires high level of patience and perseverance, the duty of a nurse is so significant that one feels they deserve more wage. Despite their busy schedule they are some nurses out there who still creates time to display or exhibit their talent on a specific field. That’s were this review comes handy, the outlined five gigs are really helpful. Great job

  4. Hey Angela,

    I learned a lot by reading your educational and empirical article entitled ‘5 Side Gigs Nurses Can Bank On’. Nursing is a noble profession though it is hard as well. It’s a great idea to share medical-related information with your own blog. And many people do not know about new nursing-related products. Written book & published on Amazon or affiliate will open a window of income. Thank you sincerely for the valuable article.

    Warm wishes,

  5. Hello, i must say your content is more an eye-opener or a wake-up call to nurses, strickly nurses and not to the general public.
    Most nurses out there are just so self-sufficient with their jobs meanwhile they could actually do more and live better than before.
    It’s a good work you are doing out there.
    Keep it up.

  6. My wife used to be a registered nurse too but have stopped practicing her profession to give priority to the family. Your article have given fresh ideas that we have never thought off. You are so creative!

    Thank you for sharing all these bright ideas.

  7. This is really great a few of my friends are nurses I am going to forward them this article.

    I personally like the idea for nursing tutorials video. Almost like a first aid 101 video series for parents with young kids or those that have to care for the elderly or for those into outdoor activities. I think would do great.

  8. I am still laughing at myself. I looked and I pondered about “theworkathomenurse.com” and wondered how this would be done. Well, you pulled it off. I totally get it and what lovely ideas.

    There are a lot of nurses in Jamaica who are not working and I love the ideas you offer to help them to create their own employment. I have already sent the link to someone who is happy to see your site. Keep writing.

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